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Download data from the driver’s memory card via the Tacho Cloud tachograph mobile app

Tachograph mobile app is a unique solution for managing data from driver memory cards and digital tachograph. Load your driver memory card via your mobile device at all times, while the processing and analysis of the transferred data will be done automatically within the Tacho Cloud system.

The mobile application is available in versions:

  • for drivers,
  • for managers,
  • Kiosk mode (a tool for downloading data from multiple driver memory cards).

Download driver memory card data, anywhere, anytime | tachograph mobile app

Save time and reduce unnecessary downtime or loss of working time due to downloading a driver memory card.

Using a simple reader that plugs into your mobile device, retrieve data from driver memory cards anywhere using the Tacho Cloud mobile driver app.

tachograf mobile app remote download

Dashboard with all the necessary information – mobile application for managers | tachograph mobile app

Through the mobile application for Tacho Cloud managers, you can establish complete control over your drivers, and organize working hours in a quality and efficient manner, while complying with all legal provisions.

Plan your driver’s hours based on future predictions provided by the Tacho Cloud system.

All data from the driver card in the cloud system

Establish a central place to download data from your business | tachograph mobile app

With the help of the “kiosk” mobile application, you can establish a central place within the company for downloading data from driver memory cards. You can also set up multiple download locations if your companies are remote locations.

Don’t buy expensive data downloaders, but take advantage of this simple, inexpensive, and efficient solution that you can replicate countless times.

tachograph mobile app - data download

Violation overview on tachograph mobile app

Quick insight into all committed violations, set time periods for downloading data for the memory card and digital tachograph.

Be notified by email of any necessary action (tachograph calibration, tachograph download, etc.).

tachograph mobile app for drivers

Keep track of all your activity data with tachograph mobile app

An overview of all your current and past activities is available in one place.

  • Web Application
  • Mobile application for drivers
  • Mobile application for managers
  • Central mobile download application
tachograph mobile app for managing driver data